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The College Library is part of the CCLINC Consortium. For more information about locating and using books see Books in the College Library.

Library Collections

The purpose of the Library's collections is to provide Isothermal Community College students with appropriate resources designed to support and supplement their information needs based on the requirements of the College curriculum.

Access to Book Collection

All materials owned by the library are listed in the CMC Catalog. Most materials in the Book Collection are circulating, with the exception of those in the Reference collection, which are non-circulating. Books in the College Library describes the organization system for books and how to find them.

Book Collections

The Library's book collection as a whole consists of approximately 32,000 volumes. The following subsections of the collection are shelved together in the eastern wing of the Library:

  • Adult Basic Reader
  • Fiction
  • Large Print
  • Nonfiction
  • Nursing

There is also a collection of Reference books shelved in the first two aisles of the book collection which consists of special titles containing condensed, vital information on general subjects as well as special topics included in the curriculum. Books in the Reference collection are non-circulating, whereas the rest of the books in the Print collection are circulating.

For more information about locating and using books see Books in the College Library.

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