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Library Equipment and Facilities: Library Equipment

Descriptions of certain services offered by the College Library

Library Equipment

The Library staff will be glad to assist in using any library equipment listed here.

Microfilm Viewer

A system for viewing, printing and/or saving images from microfilm is available in the Old Tryon Room, to be used with the Library's microfilm collection kept in cabinets nearby. Other microfilm or microfiche also can be brought and accessed on the Library's equipment. Prints are free of charge.

For more information about the Library's microfilm collection, see Historical Records on Microfilm

Library Computers

Eleven public-access computers in the Library lobby offer free access to the Internet, Microsoft Office software, and electronic resources, including academic research databases. Policies and guidelines for computer use.

A printing system is connected which allows the computer user to manage their own print jobs. Black and white prints are 5¢ per page, and color prints cost 30¢ per page. Double sided prints count as two pages.  If you need more information about the printing system, see How to Use the Library Print System.

IMPORTANT: Do not leave your work on Library computers!! All added content is permanently deleted at shutdown every evening. It is highly recommended to keep a flashdrive to store your work on. 

Other Equipment

Appropriate equipment is available for group viewing of DVDs or television programming, and can be scheduled upon request by faculty for use in the lab or the Old Tryon Room.

Helpful Information

Chat with a librarian.

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