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Circulation of Library Materials: Library Cards

Using Library Cards

Any person who wishes to borrow material from the library collections of Isothermal Community College must have a valid library card issued by a CMC Library Consortium member library. Patron's barcoded library cards and the barcode of each item borrowed are scanned at the Circulation Desk to make a record of the transaction.

Qualifications for Getting a Library Card

A library card can be obtained free of charge by inquiring at any CMC Library Circulation Desk and filling out a library registration form. To qualify for a card issued by the College Library, a person must be:

  1. At least 14 years old if a REaCH student, or 16 years old for anyone else,
  2. And either currently:
    a. enrolled in one or more curriculum courses at Isothermal Community College or REaCH, or
    b. a resident of, working in, or paying taxes in, Rutherford County or Polk County, NC

A person must also provide picture identification from a recognized form of identification such as a driver's license. Replacement fee for a lost library card is $1.00.

Forgot Your Library Card?

Library materials can be checked out to a person who does not have their library card with them; however, the person must present a picture ID to confirm their identity.

Library Privileges Security Notice


When you are issued a library card, you agree to be responsible for all materials and services accessed through its use. If another person makes use of your card with or without your knowledge, you will be held responsible for payment of all library fines and fees which were incurred through use of that card, and your library account will become delinquent until you pay for the items.

When an Isothermal student's library account becomes delinquent, the student is BLOCKED from:

  • registering for classes,
  • graduating, and/or
  • getting transcripts from the college

Don't let it happen!

PROTECT YOURSELF from unauthorized use of your library account by:

  • Never allowing another person to borrow materials with your library card. It’s not necessary for anyone to borrow your card, since qualified individuals can apply for a free library card at any CMC Consortium library.
  • Notifying the library staff to cancel the card and prevent its unauthorized use if your library card has been lost or stolen. 

Keeping Track of Your Library Account

You can use the CMC Catalog to access your own library account, which enables you to view the materials you have checked out of any CMC Consortium libraries and their due dates, plus other information. To investigate this service, visit the CMC Library Consortium page. 

Helpful Information

Chat with a librarian.

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Operated by ChatStaff and LibraryH3lp,
24/7 except federal holidays.

Phone: 828-395-1307

Email: library [at] isothermal [dot] edu

Library Hours

Library Staff


For most databases you will log in using your Patriot Port login, which for students is the same as your Moodle login.

For the few databases that require a different login that information is posted in Moodle in the Library Resources block under "Database Passwords."

If you are a current student or employee of the College who does not use Moodle, email your FULL NAME and DATE OF BIRTH to:
nclivepassword [at] isothermal [dot] edu

If you have problems during normal library hours call 828-395-1307.

After hours use the Library Chat.

For help on researching a topic, see Tips for Efficient Research

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