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Library News and Policies: Facilities and Computer Use Policies

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Noise Levels

The Library is the only quiet place that some students have to do their work. For this reason, while you are in the Library building, we ask that you:

  • turn off, or turn to silent mode, all cell phones or other sound-producing devices
  • take all phone conversations outside the building
  • keep your voice at a low volume
  • request headphones at the Circulation desk when you want to listen to audio content

Related College Policy: Disruption of Educational Process

Food, Drink, and Tobacco Products

Although the Library staff want the library to be an inviting place for you to use for study and research, we request that you consume no food or drink and use no tobacco products while in the Library building.

Spilled food or drinks and tobacco juice can damage or destroy Library furnishings and attract insects which further damage materials in Library collections.

All campus buildings are smoke-free by College policy.

Using Library Computers

For those using the computers in the Library building, the policies and guidlines on this page apply.

Guidelines for Use of Library Computers

Use of Library Computers

Anyone wishing to use Isothermal Community College Library computers will:

  • agree to use the equipment for information or research purposes only, and not to use it for purely recreational purposes such as, but not limited to, playing games; gambling; dating online; or using chat rooms or instant messaging, other than in support of the research, educational, and administrative purposes of the College. (Other prohibited activities are listed in the Unacceptable Activities section of the college's Computer Sources, Internet, and Network Use Policy in the box below. See Violations for possible disciplinary actions.)
  • agree to limit use to 30 minutes in the event that others are waiting to use the equipment.

Age Limitations

With the exception of REaCH students, children six to fourteen years old may use the equipment, provided that they are accompanied by an adult who is registered as a library patron and who agrees to be responsible for supervision of children in his/her care who use the equipment, by monitoring its use to prevent the child's exposure to inappropriate subject content, and by preventing equipment damage.

Children under six will not be permitted to use the equipment. According to college policy, children under the age of sixteen must be supervised by a parent or guardian at all times while on campus. 

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