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Who -- Library Staff: Library Staff

The Library Staff Are Here for You!

The Library Staff are all here to support students in their educational goals at the college by making their search for information to complete their assignments simpler. We work to make the information you need more accessible, and to educate you in how best to get to it and use it ethically. 

We want you to help you succeed -- please call on us for help on the way to achieving your goals!


Contact Information
The college phone numbers all start with (828) 395-; after dialing the prefix, dial the extension of the person you want to contact.

Name, Job Title Phone # Email
Main Desk (828) 395-1307
Charles P. Wiggins, Director of Library Services (828) 395-1306
Bernadette Shelton, Evening Librarian (828) 395-1525
Cathy Webb, Library Specialist (828) 395-1518
Donna Cain, Acquisitions Technician (828) 395-1651
Penny Brown, Library Clerk  (828) 395-1307

Helpful Information

Chat with a librarian.

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24/7 except federal holidays.

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