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Where -- Directions and Floor Plan: Directions to the College Library

Directions to the College

Directions to the Library -- General Public

From College Avenue:

  • Turn on ICC Drive and proceed to the stop sign in front of the administration building.
  • Turn right and follow the curve up the hill.
  • Park in the first big parking lot on the left, and come down the walkway toward the building marked "Library Auditorium."
  • Continue around to the library entrance on the opposite side of the building.

Directions to the Library -- Physically Challenged

From College Avenue:

  • Turn on ICC Drive and proceed to the stop sign in front of the administration building. 
  • Turn left and go up around the hill, then turn right into the drive just after the sign with a blue stripe and a wheelchair symbol at the top. 
  • Continue straight on until you approach the building at the end of the drive, which is the library.
  • Drive over the "bump" onto the sidewalk and park in one of the handicapped spaces on your right.
  • Follow the sidewalk between the buildings around to the front of the library building and use the access ramp and the automatic door to enter the library. 

Note: There is a smaller building immediately in front of you when you park in the handicapped spaces. That is the IT building, not the library. The library is the larger building to your left when facing the IT building.

Helpful Information

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