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What -- The College Library: What We Are

About the Isothermal Community College Library

Isothermal Community College Library (hereafter in this site referred to as the Library or the College Library) offers facilities and resources to Isothermal students to use in completing their assignments, and is open to the public as well. Library services include:

  • Twenty public access computers with Microsoft Office software and Internet access connected to a printing center
  • Access to excellent academic databases, among which NC LIVE is prominent
  • A general book collection of approximately 32,000 volumes
  • A collection of books, journals and microfilm related to local history housed in the Old Tryon Room
  • Collections of films in DVD format and a variety of music and language tutorial CDs
  • A large room with group tables, as well as individual study carrels around the book stacks

Helpful Information

Chat with a librarian.

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Operated by ChatStaff and LibraryH3lp,
24/7 except federal holidays.

Phone: 828-395-1307

Email: library [at] isothermal [dot] edu

Library Hours

Library Staff


For most databases you will log in using your Patriot Port login, which for students is the same as your Moodle login.

For the few databases that require a different login that information is posted in Moodle in the Library Resources block under "Database Passwords."

If you are a current student or employee of the College who does not use Moodle, email your FULL NAME and DATE OF BIRTH to:
nclivepassword [at] isothermal [dot] edu

If you have problems during normal library hours call 828-395-1307.

After hours use the Library Chat.

For help on researching a topic, see Tips for Efficient Research

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