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FAQ: Dogwood Digital Library

Dogwood Digital Library wordmark logoFrequently Asked Questions

Q:  What is Dogwood Digital Library?
A:  Dogwood Digital Library is an online collection of eBooks and audio-books.  

Q: Who can use Dogwood Digital?
A:  Dogwood Digital is currently available to all Isothermal Community College employees and students.  At present time, this online collection is unavailable to our community library patrons who are not affiliated professionally or educationally with the college. 

Q:  How do I login to Dogwood Digital?
A:  From your computer:
1.  Visit Dogwood (
           2.  Look for the orange [Sign In] button on the right side of the page
           3.  In the “Select your library” drop-down choose “Isothermal Community College”
           4. Click the big orange [Sign in] button below
           5. You will be redirected to the proxy login page, just like any other library database
           6. Log in using your Patriot Port credentials
           7. Enjoy Dogwood Digital
     From Your Smartphone/Tablet
           1.  Download the Libby by Overdrive app
           2.  Select Isothermal Community College as your library
           3.  You will be redirected to the Patriot Port proxy login access point
           4.  Enter your Patriot Port credentials
           5.  Enjoy Dogwood Digital

Q:  Can I listen to audio books in my car? 
A:  Yes, but, in order to listen to audio books on Dogwood Digital Library in your vehicle, you will need to have a smart device with the Libby by Overdrive app installed.  (Data charges from your wireless carrier may apply.)  After installing the app and entering your credentials by following the steps above, you can listen by using your specific device's audio capability, or, if available, by using your vehicle's Bluetooth capability. 

Q:  What are the check-out periods for each item?
A:  In most cases, you can choose your own check-out period of 7, 14 or 21 days.  There are a few exceptions, typically due to high demand of an item, in which case, the check-out period is determined for you. 

Q:  Can I place a hold on an item that is already checked out to another patron?
A:  Yes.  You can easily add yourself to the hold list by clicking "Place a Hold" button next to the title that has already been checked out.  You will also be able to see where you are in line for the item,  if you are not the only patron requesting a hold for that title. 

Q:  How many items can I check out at a time?
A:  5

Q:  Do you take requests for titles to be added to Dogwood Digital?
A:  Yes!  We love your requests!  Please direct all requests to the library staff at the email address below.  We kindly ask that you do not use the "Ask a Librarian" chat feature for this service. 

**If you have any additional questions, please feel free to contact us:

(828) 395-1307

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