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Educational Technology for Faculty: Tech Tools

Do you know a user-friendly educational technology tool?

There is an array of technology tools that can improve your educational process. Here you will be able to explore tools that will help you create video or animation presentations. Do you use another tool that can be added to this list? Please send us your suggestions at

Animation/Video Creating

PowToon is cloud based animation video software that lets users create colorful, visually engaging animated cartoon like videos. Free version is available. 

Moovly is cloud based software that helps produce animated videos and presentations.Free version is available. 

Animaker is do-it yourself video animation software. It is cloud-based and allows users to create animated videos using pre-built characters and templates. Free version is available. 


Canva is a graphic design tool that allows you to create infographics and collaborate on a project in teams. Free version is available.

Infogram is a data visualization web platform that helps people create charts, infographics, maps, and reports.

Piktochart is a web-based infographic application for users who want to create infographics, presentations, posters, flyers and reports. 

Presentation Software

Haiku Deck is a user friendly free web app for creating visual presentations with limited text, no sound or video clips. 

Emaze is a Web 2.0 application used to create 2D and 3D presentations from a variety of templates. To have free access to this software, click "Continue as a free user" after entering your email address and password. 

Google Slides is an online tool used to create presentations within Google Drive.


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