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Global Focus 2019-20: Ireland: Videos & Media

Library resources that support research about the nation and culture of Ireland.

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Using Videos in Your Research

Video can communicate a large amount of information in a short period of time. This can be used to great effect if you have to give a timed presentation.

Some of the library databases provide short videos, video segments, or clips that get straight to the point. All of the databases provide direct links to their videos, and some, even provide embed code so you can play the video within a web page or presentation.

If you cannot use a video clip you can still incorporate content from a video into your paper or presentation. You can take notes about the content and include those ideas in your research. Some video databases also include transcripts of the video, which can make quoting as simple as copy and paste.

And remember, whether you use a clip, or quote from an transcript, or just make reference to the content of a video you still need to cite your source. See our page on citation for more help.

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For most databases you will log in using your Patriot Port login, which for students is the same as your Moodle login.

For the few databases that require a different login that information is posted in Moodle in the Library Resources block under "Database Passwords."

If you are a current student or employee of the College who does not use Moodle, email your FULL NAME and DATE OF BIRTH to:
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For help on researching a topic, see Tips for Efficient Research

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